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I am me, and in all of the world there is nothing like me.

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All of Me

"It was a moment where voices were lost to the shouts pulsating through our temples. Streamlining thoughts into each other’s mind space. We stayed laying there for periods of time, staring, sharing the silence, but thinking so loud I had to say so. 

Your thoughts are so loud, I whispered.

The words themselves brought the moment to another feeling of unbelief. The timing was perfect. All of me, loved all of you. It wasn’t supposed to be the type of love you build, or the type of love you see in the eyes of your child. It was affection caught in time, gripped, and saved then and there.”

Timing has always been on my side throughout life, leaving me with the most unbelievable stories and extravagant memories. I’ve always been fortunate in this area of life. 

It seems one of the few times I’ve asked time to somehow make things right, it didn’t come through.

For once in my life, I was in the right place, at the wrong time.

…but it was beautiful.

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""When your Achievements Start to Glow Criticisms will start to flow, it’s a sign where you have reached beyond your social limitation" - steve bechara"
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